Workshop #9: Perez/Experimental Geography

Help Me Breathe

Ever get that odd text

Makes your brain rattle

Endless in-sane battle

Makes you so confused

Is something wrong?

Help me breathe

Nothing to seethe

In big letters

In a desperate tone

Or so it seemed

We were all just together

What could have happened in



What does this mean?

I wonder if he listened

to that


I gave him of our music.

No response after

Five minutes later

Five hundred thoughts after

He misheard my own song

Help me please.

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Workshop #8: Goals for the End of the Semester

As of right now, the end of the semester is still very far away for me. I have six papers to write; all over five pages in length. My goal is to hand the rest of my work in on time. It is something that i have struggled with particularly this semester and if I finish on a strong note by handing everything else in on time, I will really have a sense of personal satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment that I have not wholly felt for this entire semester.

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Workshop #7: Ihimaera / Landscape Romance

Ever feel like the fact that you can’t unzip your tounge is ruining your life?

Well I have great news! Now you won’t ever have to deal with this problem again!

For only 399.99, your tongue can look like this:

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Workshop #6: Update

I have made significant progress in my assignment. We have completed writing the song and are in the process of recording it. This Friday night at Dempsey’s on Bell Blvd, we are going to play the song live and have it video taped so that we can post it on youtube and spread awareness. At the show, we our singer will not only make a few announcements letting everyone know about the cause, but we will also have a jar in which all the money raised as well as the money we get for playing the show will go to a charity I found called “The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence”. The next thing I am going to work on is trying to find someone who can set up a date for us to play on Queens College campus for the cause. I feel that playing at QC offers an even better chance to raise awareness because it will reach a completely other audience.

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Workshop #5: Personification of Greed Blog

I am known to many as Mr. Healthcarebill; but my friends call me Bill. Since I’m always in the news, I figured that I’d stop by a local restaurant and eavesdrop on people’s opinions on me. I saw something very interesting. I saw two wealthy men talking about me, and what I have done as far as helping the less-fortunate people and taking just a little more from the people who have the means to pay a little bit more without getting hurt. They were infuriated and complaining about an increase of no more that $1,000. Mind you, these men talking are both millionaires for a fact. What was more interesting than all of this though was another man eavesdropping. He has a different story. He has just become a citizen and he can finally make ends meet because of me and my health care terms. He was never able to go to the doctor before, and now he can. He and I look at these two wealthy men with disgust. The greedy men left and we both laughed to ourselves at their ignorance and carried on with our day.

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Workshop #4: Alienation Poem

Have you ever been to a place

Where everybody just knows your face

And you’re moving at a steady pace

And it’s just thrill of the chase

And as these moments may fade away

And the white it may turn to gray

And tomorrow turns to yesterday

Just throw your hands in the air and say

As we retrace our steps in a time line

And as we sit back

And ask why you cry

My baby blue, green, Brown I’s

Have you ever been so in love

That you reach to the clouds up above

It’s a tight fit like bear hug

And yet it doesn’t fit it’s not that snug…

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Topic Proposal

For my topic proposal, I thought it would be a great opportunity to combine my favorite thing to do in the world with a good cause as my project. I would like to produce public art in the form of music at a local venue in Queens, NY. I love my band as well as all music in general more than anything else in the world and I feel that if my band and I write a song for a good cause, and dedicate the song to that cause, it would make for a great project and an excellent opportunity to raise public awareness for a good cause.

We in the band are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to book live shows at a few Queens-based venues, so we have the means to set this whole project up ourselves and pull it off successfully. A cause that I would like to raise awareness of is an element of everyday life that is often overlooked. Neighborhood Violence and raising at-risk urban youth in an environment where neighborhood violence is an everyday part of life is a big problem that people seem to just accept as a part of life.

What some people do not realize is that it is not a part of life in other places and it does not have to be a part of everyday life in the neighborhoods where it is on the rise. I feel that anyone who can relate to this will undoubtedly be open to being a part of this cause. The singer of our band was born and raised in south Jamaica and he witnesses neighborhood violence every single day. He and the things he tells me that he sees everyday is the reason I started researching this even before I knew about this project. Now I feel like this project is the perfect outlet for us to finally raise awareness.

For this project, my band and I have agreed to write a song on this topic and perform it for the first time at the awareness show. I feel like all the knowledge on the topic we need will come from not only our singer, but kids in his neighborhood that we will interview as well. We will draw the song material from information we learn in the interviews and from personal experiences as well. I feel like music is one of the best ways to touch people and this will be no different. My next step is that I will look at open dates for Queens venues and see when the best time would be for some members of the class to come. I think it would be really cool if everyone can be a part of this cause.

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Workshop #1: “Character is Action”

Felipe Lopez

You may know him as the greatest musician in history. Even if you don’t appreciate his music, you can have respect for the success he has achieved in his life. He has packed arenas every night across the globe, sold millions of records, and has probably even kissed your baby on the head after one of his concerts. There is no denying that Felipe is a living icon in the music industry and by far one of the most extremely talented musicians of out time. What most people do not know about Felipe however, is what else goes on behind the curtains.

We’ve already been fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the wealthy 36-year-old’s private life on reality television a few years ago, but he has fallen out of the public eye since. The truth of the matter is that since the reality show ended, he has been adjusting to a life where he is slowly forgotten more and more as each day passes. This is surely a heavy burden to carry mentally. Imagine being the King and then hitting rock bottom faster than you ever though possible.

Everyone still remembers him as one of the greatest musicians of all time, but only for his past albums. He is now forced to deal with not only living his life as a “has-been” in the music industry, but he also the weight of an ugly divorce settlement that has been on his hands for longer than he could have even imagined. He has always tried to portray himself as the ideal “golden boy” of society along with all the other clean cut pop stars but in recent years, it has been said that he is nothing like the humble man he once was years ago. The lack of attention he receives now because of not having a bit hit on the charts clearly bothers him whether he chooses to admit it or not. He used to always talk to his fans after the show and sign autographs for hours. Now he just runs to his tour bus after the shows and doesn’t take any time for the fans that come to his shows now. That being said, this is the time he should be humble and actively interacting with his fans before he loses all of his them for good. The people coming to these shows are his real fans who choose to support him even though he does not have a single out. Those are the people he should adore instead of adoring himself.

Felipe should really think about the simpler times in his life before he was a larger-than-life pop icon. He was once respected because he viewed the world in a much simpler lens. He never took things for granted and loved life and his fans. Now he acts like a wealthy snob. He currently has no new album plans as his record label dropped him. I think that it is time for the fans to speak up and tell him they want the real Felipe back in the public eye, and for good.

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Workshop #3: Resistance Literature

Throughout my college career at Queens College, I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to read some great pieces of resistance literature over the past three years. It was not until this year though that I really started to think about resistance literature from a different perspective. I took the time this year to try to understand resistance literature on a larger scale. For about two months now, whenever I get the chance read resistance literature, I now attempt to put myself in the shoes of the people writing, as opposed to my previous method of reading which was just simply reading the text to understand what the author is trying to say on a very basic level.

A text that particularly struck me recently and provided a great example of what resistance literature is, was Mary Rowlandson’s classic entitled “From A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson.” The text is a very interesting first person perspective on religion and colonization. As a non-religious person, it is interesting to see how religion stopped her from doing many things including committing suicide. Although the text at times can be a bit repetitive, overly melodramatic and even perhaps come off as ideological to some, it is a fine example of resistance literature because it lets us see how someone being oppressed by a higher civilization writes in the heat of a real struggle. She wrote about her feelings toward the Native Americans that killed her family. She wrote negatively about these people and her text is a great insight into the minds of the authors writing resistance literature in her time.- There is a negative viewpoint on Native Americans, and the text comes off as a story about her belief in God, which was not popular or accepted by all at this time.

Her writing should have been/was supposed to be a story of history, but it became a story of religious struggle and resistance.

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Workshop #2: Experimental Poetry


Watch what the music do. Man is just beautiful. Rhyme

Styles impeccable,


from an artists view.

from coast lines, and concrete sands. In

The stands! It might quite hard, to

Understand. But you, cant grasp

The issue, seperating souls, from their mentals!

I scribe lines,

and my voice;

is the pencil

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